"(Couldn't Find Love) Without You" is a song by Petra. It was written and composed by the band's guitarist and keyboardist Rob Frazier. The song was released in 1979 as part of the band's third album, Washes Whiter Than.

Song historyEdit

"(Couldn't Find Love) Without You" was released in 1979 as part of the album Washes Whiter Than. When Star Song reissued the album on a 2-on-1 CD package with 1981's Never Say Die, this was one of the songs left out to save space. The other was "Magic Words".


Words and music by Rob Frazier

Standing alone with my dreams and my plans
But I cannot find love without You
I'm feeling my way with my senses and discovering
That I cannot find love, I cannot find love
Without You

But I'm discovering Your love is so strong
that I believe what I knew all along
Love would not try to live on without You

I can search high on a mountain so tall
But I will not find love without You (not without You)
Or look for Your love in my people who don't know you
But I will not find love
I cannot find love
Without You
Not without You

Without You
There's no sun behind the rain
Without You
There's no reason for the pain
Without You
There's no love to help me live
'Cause of You
I believe that love is true
Because of You
I can give to others too
Because I know
That You gave the best You had to give
You gave your sweet Son
So I could live


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