William "Bill" Glover (born November 22, 1952; age 67) is an American musician and drummer. He was one of the founding members of Petra and its first drummer. He was a member of Petra from 1972 to 1976.


Glover was born on November 22, 1952. He moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana when we was a child, and started playing the drums when he was 13. During high school, he played in several bands, and after graduating, he toured with Tommy Roe and The Romans, and also Gene Cotton.


Glover returned to Fort Wayne in the early 70's and started playing with Christian rock band Loth Lorin. He also felt the call to ministry, and attended the Christian Training Center in Ft. Wayne. There he met fellow musicians Bob Hartman, Greg Hough, and John DeGroff. Together, they formed Petra in 1972.

Glover played the drums and percussion in Petra's first two albums: Petra and Come and Join Us. According to Glover, he also played bass in the song "Lucas McGraw", but wasn't credited for it. He describes the creative process as "very much a band concept from start to finish".

After PetraEdit

Glover left Petra around 1978 after almost seven years with the band. According to him, he "got married and had to get a real job." He continued playing the drums, and did some session work. In 1980, Glover moved to Texas to open a Christian coffee house ministry with his brother, Rick, while also continuing to play with a band called Aslan.

After two years, Glover decided to move to Dallas-Fort Worth, where he started a blues band called Shame Shame. He has also been collaborating musically with Greg Hough since the early 90's. After 15 years in Texas, Glover moved to Chicago where he played in another blues band. In 2000, he returned to Fort Wayne, Indiana to be close to his mother.

Recent musical venturesEdit

After Louie Weaver's departure from Petra, it was rumored that Glover might rejoin the band. According to a source, Glover met with Hartman and played with the band. He also met with band manager Wayne Seboa. However, this never materialized. According to Glover, band management wanted a drummer from Nashville, and he wasn't interested in moving. However, he says he "loved learning that album", referring to Jekyll & Hyde.

In 2003, Glover rejoined Greg Hough in a project called GHD. Some time later, John DeGroff also joined the project and the band changed its name to GHF (for "God Has Forgiven"). They released an album in August 27, 2013 called Volume One. As of 2016, Glover says they are working on Volume Two.

Since 2013, Glover has been playing with popular rock cover band Bandana, in Florida.

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