Bryce Bell is an American musician and keyboardist. He was the keyboardist of Petra from 2001 to 2003.


Bryce Bell was born in Minnesota, growing up in the suburbs of Minneapolis. He developed an interest in music, and particularly the piano, from an early age. When he was in second grade, he began taking formal lessons. With time, he began playing at his church which helped him further develop his skills.

As he got older, Bell started teaching private lessons while studying himself with Steve Quesnel. Bell also studied classical organ and trumpet, and experienced with programming and songwriting.

Bell studied piano at Wheaton Conservatory of Music near Chicago. While studying under Dr. Daniel Horn, he also continued exploring with recording and programming. Bell graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Music. After that, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he started touring and recording with several artists.


In 2000, Bell joined Petra and remained with them until 2003. Although he didn't perform in their 2001 album, Revival, the managers thanked him for all his "hard work and loyal support". He performed with the band during all the Revival Tour as well as later dates.

After PetraEdit

After leaving Petra in February 2003, Bell began touring with singer Rebecca St. James. He has also performed in the show !HERO, which also featured St. James, as well as other popular Christian singers.

Bell has also played with artists like Al Denson, The Insyderz, Cde of Ethics, Devin Webb, among many others.

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