La Colección Coral Petra II is the second of two choral albums featuring Spanish translations of some of Petra's songs. It was released in November 28, 1995 by Word Records in the United States.

The song Spanish translations were done by Alejandro Allen, who later went on to work in the Spanish version of Jekyll & Hyde.

Album historyEdit

Colección Coral Petra II vocals were recorded at Ato's Cave Studio in Mexico, and mixed at Music Box Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. The music was recorded and mixed at Quad Studios in Nashville. Recording was in charge of Brent King and Doug Sarret. The album was mastered by Hank Williams at Masterfonics in Nashville.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Quiero Escuchar Tu Voz"
  2. "Un Creyente En Verdad"
  3. "Es El Color"
  4. "Parecerme A Ti"
  5. "Búscalo"
  6. "El Poder De Un Hombre En Oración"
  7. "Es Lo Que Ha Hecho Jesús"
  8. "El También Vivió"
  9. "De Camino A La Cruz"
  10. "No Lo Ves"




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