Louie Weaver 2010 Live

Longtime Petra drummer Louie Weaver spent 22 years with the band.

The drummer of a band is the member who performs music using the multi-percussion instrument known as the drum set. The drummer usually sits in the back of the stage during a performance, and his primary function is to keep time or provide a tempo or rhythm to the music.

Petra has had four official drummers through its career, with others performing under an unofficial status as either temporary drummers, session drummers, or touring musicians.


These are the drummers of Petra through its trajectory.


Other drummers that have played with the band in some way are:

  • Bob Rickman – Replaced Bill Glover after the first album. Played with the band from Spring of 1976 to Fall of 1976.
  • Mark Richards – Played with the band during December 1976 and early 1977.
  • Chris Bechler – Played with the band during the rest of 1977.
  • Jim Benton – Replaced Bechler and stayed with the band until tbe Summer of 1978.
  • Mike Martin – Played with the band during the rest of 1978.
  • Jym Dingler – Played with the band during 1979.
  • Randy Nichols – Session musician that played drums during the recording of Washes Whiter Than (1979)
  • Mark Pyle – Played with the band from 1979 to 1980.
  • Jeff Boggs – Played with the band during 1980, before Weaver joined.
  • Keith Edwards – Session musician that recorded the drums in most of the early 80's albums.
  • Peter Furler – Producer of Jekyll & Hyde, who also played drums during recording of the album.
  • Justin Johnson – Touring drummer during the first shows of the Jekyll & Hyde Tour (2003)
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