"Heart of a Hero" is a song by Petra. It was written by Brian Wooten and composed by Jim Cooper and Wooten. The song was released in 1995 as part of the band's album, No Doubt. The song is harder than many of the other songs on the album, it is in the hard rock style. Louie Weaver stated in an interview that this song was his favourite in the album.


Words and music by Brian Wooten
Music by Jim Cooper and Brian Wooten

The fearless giant faced a brave young shepherd boy
He said, "Your God is dead and your nation soon destroyed"
But the son of Jesse proved what God can do in the heart of a hero

Three men refused to bow to the idol made of gold
They knew they could burn for not doing what they're told
They'd rather face the fire than to kneel to a god made by hands

It takes the heart of a hero
To stand for what's right
It takes the heart of a hero
To lay down your life

There are idols to be worshiped and giants in the land
They'll drag you down, attack your faith and slay you if they can
So let your heart be filled with the courage and strength of the Lord

Have the faith of a child
And the power of God
And when you call on His name
He will give you the heart of a hero

Will you stand for what's right?
Would you lay down your life?
Do you have heart?


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