"Hit You Where You Live" is a song by Petra. It was written by the band's guitarist Bob Hartman and composed by Billy Smiley and Dino Elefante. The song was released in 1988 as part of the band's tenth studio album, On Fire!.


Words by Bob Hartman
Music by Billy Smiley and Dino Elefante

You want to change - with all of your might
You want to do right in His sight

It's His delight to give you your desire
It's His desire to set your life on fire

Sometimes it hurts when reprimanded
It hurts Him more than it's hurtin' you
He'll pick you up from where you landed
When He knocks you down, turns your life around
He'll turn your life around

Hit you where you live you can't hold it back
When you're struck by His love you will know
Hit you where you live, it's so close to home
When you're all sold out the mark will show
Let Him hit you where you live

The evidence leads to conviction
When we don't live everything we say
There's got to be a crucifixion
We can live dying everyday

You've got to tell Him He's free to take a shot
He wants to hit you with everything He's got

A lost and dying world is dying to know
He lives
The only way they'll know what He has to give
Is when we're hit where we live


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