John lawry solo 2

John Lawry playing "Jesus Loves You" on Petra Farewell

"Jesus Loves You" is a quasi-instrumental piece composed and performed by Petra's keyboardist John Lawry. The song features sampling of a voice saying the phrase "Jesus Loves You". Using a Fairlight CMI synthesizer, Lawry plays a musical piece using the sampled voice as musical notes.

The voice featured in the sampling is the voice of Lawry's wife, Stefanie.


According to Lawry, the solo came as a result of him recording the voices of his wife and sons with his Fairlight synthesizer. He had just bought the device and decided to record the voices to listen to them while on tour as encouragement. During a soundcheck, he started listening to the samples and "something clicked". Lawry says he started writing the song using his wife's voice, which resulted in his trademark solo.

"Later that night, it was my first time live that I played it to an audience. I believe it was a God thing. He used it to let people know how much Jesus loves them, how much He loves you and me."


The "Jesus Loves You" song has been featured on Petra's two live albums:

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