Jim Cooper (born December 17) is an American producer, songwriter, musician, and keyboardist. He was the keyboardist of Petra from 1994 to 1997. Before that, he had worked as John Lawry's keyboard technician for several years.


Jim Cooper was born in Princeton, Indiana. He studied at Temple Christian Academy in his hometown.


Jim Cooper began his career playing with Jody Davis and the band Phos. In 1992, when the band broke up, Cooper joined Petra, working as a keyboard technician for John Lawry. That year, he and Lawry co-wrote the song "Praying Man". Cooper credits Lawry for being his mentor and teacher. In 1994, when Lawry retired, Cooper was selected to replace him.

After officially joining the band, Cooper contributed to the recording and songwriting of their 1995 album No Doubt. After that, he also contributed briefly to their next album, Petra Praise 2: We Need Jesus, before being fired for musical differences. During this time, Cooper also contributed with John Schlitt in his two solo albums.

After PetraEdit

Despite leaving the band, Cooper has continued to contribute with the band in several facets. In 2005, Cooper was the project coordinator and digital editor for Petra's last album, the live recording of Petra Farewell. Cooper also worked with John Schlitt and Bob Hartman in the recording of their II Guys from Petra project, Vertical Expressions.

Aside of that, Cooper continues to work as a songwriter, session musician, and producer. He also started a production company with fellow musician and songwriter Brian Wooten.

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Cooper is married to Carla. They have a son called Adryan.

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