Kevin Brandow (born September 26) is an American musician, songwriter, keyboardist, and guitarist. He was the keyboardist and second guitarist of Petra from 1997 to 1999. Even though he left the band in 1999, he still played on several shows from 2000 to 2001 filling in for Pete Orta after his departure.


Kevin Brandow was born in New York. He studied in Saint Rose College in Albany, where he studied music theory. He also earned a Bachelor of Science from Siena College in 1994. Brandow plays guitar, bass, and keyboards.

Through the 1980's and 90's, Brandow played in several bands like Divine Right and Dream Legion. He also worked as a band manager and sound engineer, while also working on a solo career. Around 1996, Brandow and Pete Orta played with John Schlitt during his solo concerts.


Brandow joined Petra in 1996 as both guitarist and keyboardist. Together with fellow newcomers, guitarist Pete Orta and bassist Lonnie Chapin, they contributed to the recording of the album God Fixation, released in 1998. The album featured extensive contributions from all three members during the songwriting process, together with band founder Bob Hartman. Chelsea Brandow, Kevin's wife, also wrote a song for the album.

Brandow left the band around 2000 to pursue a solo career.

After PetraEdit

Even though Brandow left Petra in 2000, he was asked to fill in as a guitarist after Pete Orta left the next year. Although not an official member anymore, Brandow played live with the band for one more year. In the Revival album booklet, released in 2001, the band managers thank Petra's live band, and Brandow specifically for "his long years of service and dedication".

After that, Brandow started pursuing a solo career while also producing albums for his wife, Chelsea. Through the years, Brandow has released at least three solo albums and EP's. He has also been performing for bands like Calico Hotrod and The Schmooze.

Brandow also worked as music director and programmer for ERCC. He also works as a music private teacher, and owns a recording studio called KBCB Music.

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Kevin is married to Chelsea Brandow.

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