Never say dinosaur

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Never Say Dinosaur is a tribute album dedicated to Christian rock band Petra. It was released June 11, 1996 by Star Song Records. The album includes 11 revisions and re-imaginings of classic Petra songs performed by different bands.

Album historyEdit

The album was released by Star Song Records. They were Petra's label during during most of the 80's, which is arguably the band's most successful period.

Each of the songs' production was handled by the band itself, while the overall album executive production was in charge of Darrell A. Harris. The album was mastered by Steve Marcussen at Precision Mastering in Hollywood, California.

The album title is a pun on both the title of Petra's fourth studio album (Never Say Die) as well as the band's age and relevance by rejecting comparisons of the band with extinct dinosaurs. At the time of the release of this album, Petra had been performing for nearly 25 years.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Taste and See" by Audio Adrenaline
  2. "Judas' Kiss" by The Walter Eugenes
  3. "Not of this World" by Galactic Cowboys
  4. "Yahweh Love" by Sarah Jahn
  5. "I Can Be Friends With You" by MxPx
  6. "Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows" by Jars of Clay
  7. "Louie's Solo" by Kevin Max
  8. "Road to Zion" by Sixpence None the Richer
  9. "Pied Piper" by The Stand
  10. "Wake Up" by Grammatrain
  11. "The Coloring Song" by Caprill and My Sister's Garden
  12. "All the King's Horses" by Plankeye


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