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Not of this World is the sixth album from Christian rock band Petra. It was released in the summer of 1983 by Star Song Records.

Album history Edit

While Petra was touring in support of More Power to Ya, they took a break of six weeks during the summer of 1983 to record Not of this World. The album was recorded at Rivendell Recorders in Pasadena, Texas, while vocals were recorded at Gold Mine Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Mixing was also done at Rivendell, while mastering took place at Future Disc Systems by Steve Hall.

During recording, producer Jonathan David Brown decided not to use Louie Weaver. Instead, he invited session drummer Keith Edwards, which had worked previously in the Never Say Die album. In the end, Weaver did add some finishing touches on cymbals.

Not of this World is the third album of the band to feature the flying guitars in the artwork, which was done again by Randy Rogers.


Not of this World was the first Petra album to be nominated for a Grammy Award. It was nominated in the category of Best Performance by a Gospel Duo, Group, Choir or Chorus.

Track listingEdit

All songs written by Bob Hartman, except where noted.

  1. "Visions (Doxology)" – 2:04 (Traditional, arranged by John Slick)
  2. "Not of this World" – 4:49
  3. "Bema Seat" – 3:54
  4. "Grave Robber" – 4:18
  5. "Blinded Eyes" – 5:33
  6. "Not by Sight" – 3:20 (Words by John Slick)
  7. "Lift Him Up" – 3:26
  8. "Pied Piper" – 4:00
  9. "Occupy" – 3:28 (Words by Slick)
  10. "Godpleaser" – 4:35
  11. "Visions (Reprise) (Doxology)" – 2:28 (Traditional, arranged by Slick)



Petra band Not of this World 1983

Not of this World promotional picture (l to r: Slick, Volz, Hartman, Kelly, Weaver

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