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Petra en Alabanza is the fourteenth studio album from Christian rock band Petra. It was released in November 17, 1992 by DaySpring Records.

The album is a Spanish version of the band's first praise album (Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out). The songs were translated by Juan Salinas from Producciones CanZion.

Album historyEdit

Petra en Alabanza is the Spanish version of Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out. As such, there is no change in the recorded music and it uses the same tracks as its English counterpart. The only change between both albums was for the vocals which were translated to Spanish by Juan Salinas from Producciones CanZion. Vocals were produced and recorded by Gerardo Hernández at Shakin' Studio in Franklin, Tennessee.

The remaining music in the album was recorded in 1989 at various studios:

Mixing was also done at Pakaderm Studio, except for the songs "Señor Llévame A Tus Atrios" and "Tu Nombre Santo Es" which were mixed by Bret Teegarden and Tommy Greer at Duckworth Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Live songs were recorded at Trunks Arena. Petra en Alabanza was mastered at Future Disc in Los Angeles.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Amo Al Señor" – 3:35
  2. "Rey de Reyes" – 1:47
  3. "Cristo Glorioso Rey" – 2:18
  4. "La Batalla Es De Nuestro Señor" – 3:04
  5. "Señor Llévame A Tus Atrios" – 4:11
  6. "La Salvación Es De Nuestro Dios" – 2:56
  7. "El Rey De Gloria Entrará" – 3:10
  8. "Yo Celebraré/El Espíritu De Dios" – 4:15
  9. "Te Alabo" – 2:45
  10. "Tu Nombre Santo Es" – 4:12
  11. "Amigos" – 4:20
  12. "Clamaré a mi Señor" – 3:48
  13. "Te Exaltamos" – 3:46



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