"Praying Man" is a song by Petra. It was written by the band's keyboardist John Lawry and composed by Lawry and Jim Cooper. The song was released in 1993 as part of the band's album, Wake-Up Call.

Song analysis and interpretationEdit

"Praying Man" is based on the second half of James 5:16. The verse portion reads "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." The song emphasizes the powers and benefits of praying, while bringing up examples of Bible stories where prayer was vital. Some of the examples mentioned are Noah building the ark, Moses parting the Red Sea, David fighting Goliath, and Jesus turning water into wine.


Words by John Lawry
Music by John Lawry and Jim Cooper

Noah saw the coming of the flood
(He built an ark upon dry land)
When Moses prayed,
God parted the Red Sea
(In faith, he made his stand)
And David dropped the giant to his knees
(Empowered by a stronger hand)
God changed the course of history
(See the power of the praying man)

Faith lives in folded hands
Mountains move when you make a stand
It's never been a case of sleight of hand
It's the power, oh the power of the praying man
Whoa, I see the power of the praying man
Whoa, I see the power of the praying man

Jesus turned the water into wine
(No tricks, no magicians)
He rules the earth, the wind, the sky
(In control of the situation)
He knew that

Prayer is alive and well today
(It's a matter of dedication)
Prayer works when you take the time to pray
(It's a matter of true devotion)
You'll see that



In 2000, Petra rearranged and recorded the song in the album Double Take. This version features Pete Orta on guitars, Lonnie Chapin on bass, and Trent Thomason on keyboards.

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