"Road to Zion" is a song by Petra. It was written and composed by Mike Hudson. The song was released in 1982 as part of the band's fifth album, More Power to Ya.


Words and music by Mike Hudson

There is a way that leads to life
The few that find it never die
Past mountain peaks graced white with snow
The way grows brighter as it goes

There is a road inside of you
Inside of me there is one too
No stumbling pilgrim in the dark
The road to Zion's in your heart
The road to Zion's in your heart

The river runs beside the road
Its waters living as they flow
In liquid voice the water calls
On thirsty knees the pilgrim falls

Sometimes a shadow dark and cold
Lays like a mist across the road
But be encouraged by the sight
Where there's a shadow, there's a light

Sometimes it's good to look back down
We've come so far - we've gained such ground
But joy is not in where we've been
Joy is who's waiting at the end


Other versionsEdit

Live versionsEdit

"Road to Zion" was part of "The Mellow Medley" featured in the 1986 live album Captured in Time and Space. It is the second song performed in the medley after "The Coloring Song", and followed by "More Power to Ya". In 2005, the song was part of another live medley featured in the album Petra Farewell. In this medley, Greg X. Volz was invited as a guest vocalist. This performance also features bassist Greg Bailey and drummer Paul Simmons.

Cover versionsEdit

"Road to Zion" was covered in 1996 by Sixpence None the Richer for the tribute album Never Say Dinosaur. This version was produced by Brent Bourgeois.

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